January 7, 2015

The Crayon Box That Talked Update {Freebies: MLK, JR.}

I used my "cold" day off from school today to update a few freebies.  
Let me first apologize for how awful they were the first round.  
Oh.My.Gosh.  #forreal #whatwasithinking
The posts here, here, and here get pinned so often and I cringe every.dang.time.
{I'm pretty sure I'll be deleting these 2012 posts very soon!}
And let's not even talk about the pictures. #seriouslypeare  
But, just in case you do want to use the activities, here you go!
Updated & ready to go!

One of my favorite books to read to discuss 
how we are all special and unique is "The Crayon Box That Talked." 
This book is such a great way to help our kiddos 
learn to appreciate how we are all different, unique, and special!
This is a picture from my 2012 post.  {Cringe!}
I really have no idea what I had students write, it was sooo long ago!
But I am pretty sure it had to do with what if we were only one color, etc.
One year, we also decorated our own personal crayons
and wrote how special we are.
If you need a crayon pattern, I found this great one
 by The Teacher's Wife on Bloghoppin!
I also like to incorporate dreams into our MLK, JR leanring!
The big rainbow is a class collaboration project.
We each wrote a dream on a strip of paper, sat in a circle, and shared!
I've also used this idea as an individual activity,
using a cloud + rainbow strips.

January 1, 2015

This is your YEAR! {Giveaway!}

 My girls over at Owl-Ways Be Inspired are having a lil' giveaway fun!
Head on over there to enter to win a $100 gift card to Amazon.
My UPS man may hate my obsession with Amazon, 
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Not only could you win the gift card to Amazon, but many of us are giving away something special on our personal blog!  Start the year off right with a new set of Mr. Sketch Markers, Paper Mate Flair Pens, and a set of 144 Valentine Pencils!
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Make sure you head over to Owls to enter the $100 gift card
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December 31, 2014

Cheers! New Year Sale!

Happy New Year's Eve!
Stopping in real quick to let you know 
about a little sale going on in both of my stores!
Start the new year off right with anything you may need.
Both stores are on sale for Dec. 31st & Jan. 1st!
Just click the images below to head there!
Stop back tomorrow for a little surprise!

December 29, 2014

Top 10 Insta Pics of 2014 {Linky Party}

Happy, Monday!
Today I'll be linking up with Teachery Tidbits for a 
fun Instagram linky party.
Let's be honest, I have no motivation to do any work!
So this will seem like I am actually working:)
I made the Ecard above on the first Saturday of break.
I had no idea it would go crazy viral!
Funny thing is, I didn't get to do either of those things that day!

If you don't follow me on instagram yet, 
head on over and click follow!

December 22, 2014

Favorite Things Linky

Tonight I am linking up with Erica for a little list of my favorites!

 I've always been a lip gloss addict, 
but NYX is taking my problem to new levels!
 I blame this addiction on Cara.  
I have the gold set in the middle and wear them *almost* daily.  
Even with a hoodie on jean day!  
I n.e.e.d the other two sets....badly.
 My winter break started off on full force with much needed family time.
Sweet Henzleigh told me, 
"Leesha, take my picture!  Smile!  Look at Leesha!"  
She's a tad confused on actually looking at the camera and smiling.
Gracelyn aka G and I did a little directed drawing with her siblings while they were visiting for a few hours..  My students did it with the art teacher and I remember Amy entertaining sweet Joelle with it, so I broke out the materials and got them busy!
 This case JUST came in the mail today and I am in love. Seriously, mad love going on here.  I've already been checking out other cases to order from Embellish Cases.
 I already have a pretty good collection of Alex and Ani, 
but these two bracelets are on my NEED list!
 Again, I blame the Nixon watch purchase on Cara, also!  My wear-every-day Kors watch suddenly quit working.  It just needs the battery changed, but that takes a trip to the mall.  Somewhere I don't get too often.  So, I ordered this 'lil guy off of Amazon to help me get by.  My sister said, "Ummm..what if mom got you a new watch for Christmas?  Why would you order that right now?"  Let's be honest, I can never have too many watches or accessories!
The Owl-Ways Be Inspired girls joined up for a little Secret Santa actoin.  My Secret Santa has been spoiling me rotten!  Each item has come on a different day, with a fun little saying & no name!