October 15, 2014

Spider Verbs {Freebie}

We have been learning verbs on and off throughout 
the school year in our Journeys Reading Program.
Our classroom has been bare without any new decorations.
It was driving me a 'lil crazzzy.  Seriously.

We did a quick review on verbs using this
interactive sheet which can be 
found in my Super Storms Interactive Journeys Packet.
But you can grab an "adapted" version for free here.
 Why super heroes? 
Well, super heroes are FULL of action!
And we love them.
{It 100% does not match the spider activity I connected it with, however, I'm all about using what I have!  
The super heroe sheet was in the plans to be used yesterday, but we ran out of time! It works!  Go.with.it}
We then began to read this book and went on a 
"hunt" for verbs that describe Spiders!
After we read the story, we added verbs we
read to our spider web of verbs.
Students then created their own 'lil spider and added verbs on the legs.
I used a FREE spider craft by Amy Lemons.
I was inspired by her noun activity using this same spiders
and decided to quickly adapt it to our skill of the week!
Here is a lil' spider verb sheet I created for next year!
Grab it here for free.

October 7, 2014

Me on the Map!

Each school year, my second grade curriculum has us learning all about rural, suburban, and urban communities!
However, many of my students have no idea 
what city, state, or country they live in.
So, I feel it is important to start off with 
a little Me on the Map action!
After reading the book, we got busy with the interactive sheets 
in my Me on the Map unit.
Due to lack of time, we didn't "hit" every piece available for each area.
You can check out more of what is included here.
But, we hit on enough to get our learnin' on.
 I love how each street looks different and unique.
However, we did discuss how we should color items
how we would really see them.
When it was time to learn about our city, 
we went on to google maps to see REAL
videos of the downtown area of our city.
Although we didn't use "real life colors," I LOVE this drawing...... 
On the left, we wrote places we visit and see in our city!
We are lucky enough to have the BEST zoo in WORLD.
Really, it is.  Not just because we say so!

On the right, we used a website to learn all about Nebraska.
We listed 3 important facts about our state!
 We also learned about all about our country, but I forgot a picture!

After we learned all of this information in our interactive notebooks,
it was time to begin our flip-books.
The unit gives the option to use "My School" or "My Street."
Most of my sweethearts do not know their personal address,
so we went with the school option.
This was probably one of my kiddos favorite section.  
First, we read about all of our states important items on a website 
and then we looked at real pictures of each!  
When it was time to draw, we view clip-art of each item 
to help us draw it a tad bit better!
To practice locating our state on a map, we colored our state red!
We also colored the other states green, even though the blue paper makes it look orange. 
Due to lack of paper, all of the girls were given a pink All About Me sheet and boys were given a blue sheet.  It worked. 
It saved me a trip to the store.
Yes, I know the bottom row isn't even.
My para offered to hang up the last few flip books before open house.
I was thankful he took the time to help me
get the final touches up before open house.
My goal for this year is to let some things, especially things like this!
{Posting this online makes me feel like I've semi-succeed in this}
 Me on the Map

September 25, 2014

Apples Day 2 {Facts & Opinions} + Alligator Munchin'

Today was all about fact and opinions in our classroom.
I began the lesson by introducing fact and opinion 
using the fabulous signs by Abby.
Students then worked in table groups to determine 
if their sentence was a fact or opinion.
No need to make an anchor chart with these cute signs!
Simple, easy and much needed today.
Once each group was finished, 
we then checked our answers together and moved 
anything that was necessary.
On my commute to school, I decided a little fact & opinion 
about Miss Peare would be a great activity.
Anyone else "weird" and get ideas either in the shower or driving?
{I did remind them everything needed to be nice:)}
We then read each fact and opinion 
and moved anything that was needed.
As you can see, many were moved!

This helped me see quickly that we needed 
a little re-teaching on opinions before we moved on.
We then added more opinions using the purple sticky tabs.
It was a rough morning and a rough day, to be honest.
And this kiddo's opinion on how I felt is pretty on. 
 It gave me a great laugh.
Math was all about greater than and less than today!
I know from last year that our curriculum only hits 
on this skill here and there.
Yet, 3rd grade has reported how much it is used.
I really wanted to find something to really *stick* 
in my little learner's brains!
This also was a last minute idea.  
I know, many of you are probably thinking,  
"What is up with these last minute ideas"
 They just pop into my brain even when I don't want them too!
So today, I created a little Alligator Munchin'.

I began the lesson by showing the > & < symbols 
and asking students to share what they knew about each symbol.  
I was floored.  
Seriously, floored with the responses I was hearing.
I w.i.s.h. I had recorded their responses by video 
or at least made an anchor chart.
Alligator Munchin' is as easy as it comes.
Place two cards on the ELMO.
Ask students to "munch" the biggest number.
We then practiced reading the math sentence 
such as "8 is greater than 7."
The bottom, right picture shows the = sign.  
I stuck up the two equal cards to see what my friends would do.
THEY immediately created their own hand gesture with no prompting.
Say, what?! LOVE.
As a math wrap up in small groups,
students pulled two cards each and read their number.
I then did a quick check on place value by asking, 
"What is the value of....."
Students then discussed what number was larger and WHY.
No moving on without the "why" answered!
The student with the largest number kept all four cards.

September 24, 2014

Wild Apples + Blog Hoppin' Freebies

Happy, Wednesday!
Stopping by real quick to let you know 
that I blogged over at Blog Hoppin'!
My post includes two freebies.
Make sure you head on over and grab them!

If you follow me on instagram, 
you've seen my Wild Place Value centers.
I was in need of place value centers 
and since it is apple week in our room, 
a little "Wild Apples" it is.
Bright colors make me happy!
{I went to take pictures at school with my students play 
and my battery was dead..boo!}
I *plan* to add a few more centers in this packet by this weekend.
I realized there was a few more place value skills 
we need to review...big....time...

September 23, 2014

Apple Week ~ Day 1

I love, love, love apple week! 
I only wish I could take a big bite into a whole apple.
It's been 4 years, my friends....4 years.
Braces=need to come off immediately

I wasn't feelin' the best today, so everything is 
basic, non-fancy, but gets the job done!
I started off our week asking my kiddos 
what they knew about Johnny Appleseed.
Due to meetings on Monday, today was our first day together.
Not 1 of my students have any idea who Johnny A. is!
A few sweethearts used a book cover 
to come up with a very good prediction!
 Since I already knew that our background knowledge was zero, 
we went ahead and did the "W" altogether.
*Who is Johnny Appleseed?
*What is his story?
*Where does he go?
*Where does the story take place?
*Who is the main character?
*Is it a nonfiction story or fiction?
*What does he do?
Can you tell we have been working on predictions, inferring, 
and asking questions?!

We then watched the Johnny Appleseed video on BrainPop Jr.
And they immediately asked to watch it again?!?!
{I'm pretty sure this week is going to be awesome with all of the interest they are showing!}

For Social Studies, we read this book.
Students then paired up to complete a compare/contrast chart 
on Johnny Appleseed's life (then) to our lives (now).
Then, we came together to make a quick chart together.
For a reflection, students wrote a quick entry 
in their social studies notebook!

For writing, we did a quick review of our anchor charts, previous book,
and then read a book from my "A Little Unit on Johnny Appleseed."
{Worst glare, ever!}
After reading, it was time for group work 
to fill out brace map all about Johnny!
I was floored with the discussions I was hearing.
Especially since it was the end of the day 
and I was pretty much done for the day.
So I am sure my kiddos were, too!
This group was done with their sheet and asked to color.  
At first, I told them "no" since they didn't all have a sheet 
but they looked at me and said, 
"Miss Peare, we will take turns and color together!"
Say, what?!  I loved this cooperation.  
Color away my friends, color away!
And of course, a whole group chart to finish it up.
They filled this little chart up 100% on their own!
For a closure, I asked my kids to write a few sentences all about Johnny.
This will help lead us into tomorrow's writing activity, 
an informational paragraph all about the man of the week!
{I have all stages of writers currently!}