July 27, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord~ July 27

Happy, Sunday!
Today I'm linkin' up with Michelle for a little Smorgasbord fun.
 Getting an *almost* 18 year old state wrestler
to smile is hard work.
Even if he is your baby (2nd) cousin.
Warning!  If you get a good camera, 
family think you actually know how to use it!
Ha!  I'm trying!
We need to do some more pictures with better lighting, too many shadows in the background!
All unedited because I've been too "busy" to do that yet:)
After some future editing, I think we at least have a few winners
out of this session.
More to come on Tuesday evening with his brother and sister.
{His parent's offered up his muscles to help me move my into my new room in return!}
{I'd be in huge trouble if Paxton knew I put these up...so shhh!}
I am sooo excited about this new Chalk Talk line from Mardel.
Obsessed, seriously. I grabbed it all for 20% off 
& received free shipping!
I may just need to order some more pieces:)
I heard through the grape vine that another sale 
may happen again, soon!
School is coming.  Even quicker for me due to moving schools.
I'm *hoping* I can sweet talk my way in this week.
It's been a prepping weekend here.
Print, laminate, cut, repeat!
If you follow me on IG, you have seen the non-stop piles!
Here are a few things I have been prepping.
Just incase you are ready to take the plunge!
I am so excited to have these products 
ready to go from these talented ladies!
Sadly, I still have two other piles still needing 
to be laminated & cut!
 Do you watch "Chasing Life" on ABC?
It has become my new favorite.
If you haven't seen it, set the DVR!
If you haven't noticed, my blog got a little Up Do!
Same colors & accents, but a little more BAM!
Oh, and a picture.
 I use to *try* to keep my bloggin' under wraps.
But I'm over that.  Time to be proud & take claim!
I can NOT say enough about Megan at 
A Bird in Hand Designs
She is so sweet and easy to work with!
What else I love is that she is a fellow teacher
and TPTer who is always just an email away!
If you are thinking of a new design, you will not be disappointed with her magic!

July 24, 2014

Christmas in July + Blog Hoppin'

Happy, Thursday!
I'm starting to semi-dread the weekends because that means it's one more week closer to school.:)

Stoppin in real quick to let you know that these units are on sale throughout today.
Four of my favorite units that kept Spring moving this last year!
You can see more of each unit here:
Bandit Bunny Y
It's Field Day
100th Day of Rock N Roll
This Year Has Been Poppin'

Make sure you stop by Blog Hoppin' to grab a name tag freebie
 I posted today!
Blog Hoppin

July 19, 2014

Christmas in July~ Day 5/6

Happy, Saturday!
Every day feels like Saturday during the summer.
But sadly, those days are coming to an end soon.
Especially for me.  
I realized that I will be back to school on August 4th.
What?!  Can we go back to June, please?!
Where did the summer go?  And what did I accomplish?:)

All of my "science" units are on sale for day 5 & 6 of Christmas in July.
Matter All Around The World

Stop by my facebook page later on today to enter into 
a giveaway to win one of these products!

July 18, 2014

Julia Borders + Free border!

Some of you know that I have another 'lil TPT store full
of items to use for your units.
I do have another blog for that store, 
but I'm sad to say it's been a tad abandoned at the moment.
I thought I'd stop in here to show you my newest borders set.
You may have seen them around IG or facebook already!

I name my border sets after family members.  
I made the mistake of tellin' a few people this in my family 
& now they keep askin' if their borders are done yet.
So I guess this means I need to keep doolin' them up!

You can enter to win a set of these borders over on my facebook page!

For a lil' treat, here is a border for free! Click the picture below to grab it.
Please remember that my TOU's still stand for a free border.
You will need to provide credit on the credit page of any freebie 
or unit you create using this border.
Borders may not be altered or colored.
TOU's and credit signs can be found in the download.
When you go to the link, you will see this:
The whole file will download in one click by going to file then download.