March 16, 2014

Bandit Bunny Y- Teaching the Long /i/ and /e/ sound spelled with Y

I've shared a few pictures of my Bandit Bunny Y unit 
I was working on instagram...
if you've seen it and been wondering what happened to it!
It has finally hopped into my TPT store!
A few of you mentioned this skill was coming up soon for you, 
so here you go!
This post will be short and sweet, 
because I'm tired of looking at this bunny!
I will show more in-depth how I plan to use 
this in my classroom once it happens!

Munchin' Bunnies Word Sort!
I love to use my sorting games during small groups & at word work.
Bunny Ladders: 
This bingo style game is great to use in small groups or center time.
 Students will practice reading words that end in y that sound like /e/ or /i/.
 Two sets of cards are provided=2 games!
Throw in bunny marshmallows for makers!
Race the Bunny: 
This game is great for small groups! 
Students will try to beat the timer and read the words as quick as they can!
 Read & Write the room:
 Students will practice reading and writing words using this moving center!
Add in the crazy-kinda-scary-glasses for more fun!
(Glasses purchased at The Dollar Tree!)
Bunny Mix-Up! 
Students will unscramble word tiles to create words that end in y (that sound like /e/ or /i/).
 (Materials purchased at The Dollar Tree!)
 Bunny Hop: 
Students will practice reading and writing words using this hoppin' fun center! 
Lay the paws throughout the classroom and watch them hop all around!
Printable paws ARE included!  
I purchased the ones shown in the picture from the Dollar Tree!
Glasses are from Walmart!
 Munch! Munch! 
Students will correct punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors in sentences. 
(Including fixing the y on the endings of word!)
(Materials purchased at The Dollar Tree)

Bandit Bunny Y Craftivity!

You can grab this mini-unit on sale for the next 24 hours!

March 9, 2014

Bright Ideas Blog Hop!

Happy, Sunday!
And for those spring breakers, have a great week off!

Today, I am joining up with some amazing teachers & 
bloggers for another Bright Ideas Hop!
Grab that cup of coffee, stay in your jammies,
and hop around learning some new ideas!
Even if they are not "new" to you,
you may still learn a different way of doing something!
Today, I'll be sharing some tips for how I keep writing 
going smoothly in my classroom 
and how do I get those kiddos to write so much!
If your kiddos know that YOU do not like to teach writing,
they are NOT going to WANT to write!
I love writing, I don't have to fake it one bit.
But if you don't enjoy it or find it hard to teach,
put on that big smile and ACT like you LOVE it!
Build excitement for the new writing project of the week.
Mentor texts are a fabulous way to grab that little learner
and get them into the writing project!
The key to mentor texts, you don't HAVE to
read the WHOLE book every time!
Use sections.
Use the same book for more than one lesson.
Pick and choose what parts YOU need for the lesson to be successful.
{of course, at some point, the whole book will need to be read!
I normally have read the book prior to when I just pick sections!}
*Use sticky tabs to mark areas you want to concentrate on*
Use a graphic organizer to brainstorm ideas.
If a student can not write things independently,
or struggle to do so, let them draw!
Then, come together as a group to share ideas!
Use a THINK ALOUD style to model the writing.
During a think aloud, the teacher should be
 doing all of the talking aka teaching!
Make sure you make mistakes
and correct them while thinking out loud!
As you are doing your think aloud/modeling,
use two different color markers!
One color is used for the words or sections that a student CAN copy.
The second color is for the area that MAY NOT be copied!
This will make sure you do not receive 20 papers of your writing:)
I forgot to take a picture of our writing yesterday,
but here is a little example.
*Blue= Transitional words 
(I like to have them a different color so students NOTICE them!)
* Underlined words= Switch with your own favorite season!
**On the "Then" paragraph, I left ---- because it means that the student should do this whole paragraph independently without prompting by myself.  I don't do this from the start of the year, but slowly transition into making students do more and more every story!
Keep the think aloud paper up for display!
And also provide a word list of "might need"
 words that were brainstormed by students.
This will stop the, "How do I spell......" madness.
While students are working, walk around to
 provide quick feedback on anything that catches your eye.
This will help keep the proof-reading time down!
Start pulling students back to conference once you see some finishers.
During a conference, do not focus on EVERYTHING!
Pick 1-3 items to focus on.
Otherwise, it will overwhelm the writer.
This is hard for me, especially when most buildings
want only "perfect" papers hung in the hallway.
{I hang many items in my class-room now because I know specifically what the student corrected and gained through our writing!}

And...never...ever...correct or write for the student.
Always, always have the student write and be apart of the proofreading.
I rarely will just point out anything, also.
I ask students questions to "lead" them
to finding the error as we are reading.
If you are academic based grading/portfolios,
don't throw away the rough drafts!
Save them to use for grading and conferences!

A quick, yet cute craftivity to display
with the writing is ALWAYS a hit!
They are proud to have their work displayed!

And...don't forget share-outs and author chair days!
They want to share their work with their friends!

A last thought....
The biggest way to get your students to write more,
is to get the thought out of your head that they CAN'T write.
In my classroom, I don't care if you are below level, on level,
above level, ESL or special education.
You will write! You will make gains weekly on your progress.
Every student CAN write an introduction, body,
and conclusion with the proper teaching.
And with a teacher who KNOWS that the student CAN DO IT!

 “Next up on the blog hop is The Brown Bag Teacher!
 She has an great post for she has a great resources for finding nonfiction articles in the middle grades!
I am sure many of these resources could also be adapted for the lower grades!
Just click on the button below to check it out!

Alternatively, you can search by topic using the link-up below
and move along to any other blog on the blog hop!”

February 27, 2014

Shamrock Shake!

Happy, Thursday!
After two 12 hour days (conferences), I get to sleep in tomorrow!
While assessing my kiddos this week, 
I realized we STILL need some major work with vowel teams!
Even after our practice with Bubble Gum! Bubble Gum! I love you!

Shamrock Shake has a handful of the same vowel teams & 
word cards as my Bubble Gum Unit
Repetition! Repetition!
But also includes 7 new centers.

Don't for get about the big sale, either!

February 25, 2014

3 Million Teachers = 1 big sale!

Teachers Pay Teachers has reached
 THREE MILLION teacher members! 
For a celebration, I am joining in with TPT and throwing a sale in my store.
All products will be 20% off.
Better yet, TPT is adding in a bonus 10% off!
But make sure you use the promo cod TPT3!
28% off....ummm...time to shop!

Here are a few products that I will be using over the next few months.



Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to check out other stores on sale!

February 13, 2014

100th Day of School....just a tad late...

Happy, almost, Valentine's Day.
I love this holiday, even if I don't receive roses tomorrow!
Pinks, purples, flowers, girlie things....
all my cup of tea!

As I was scrollin' through my iphone tonight, 
I realized I had a ton of photos on my phone that I haven't shown yet.
At least not on the blog!  
 100th day mix curtsey of Cara at The First Grade Parade.
I added math problems to her scoop 
& sort sheet to keep them busy as I was prepping materials.
If you remember from last here, I sort of *forgot* about the 100th day.
And had to have my 'lil brother save the day with snacks!
Thankfully, I didn't blow it this year;)
I had all necklace materials ready to go in individually baggies.
About 1/4 a cup of black beads = 100 beads.
Simple, easy, and quick!
My kiddos thought it was the "best thing in the world" 
that they got to make their OWN necklace!
Next year, I will make the string a bit longer 
to help out my poor fingers from tying!
Then we hit on a lil' bit more of Cara's packet.
And of course we made some s.w.e.e.t Rock Stars.
I may have requested no mohawks and got sad faces from the 5 boys.
Rock Stars with our glittery microphones!
Our writings included how we have ROCKED for 100 days!
{Slacked on pictures of writing!}

{I will post about the top bulletin board tomorrow!}